Sbf ordförande i Geneve – talar inför FN:s kommitté om mänskliga rättigheter

My name is Berne Stålenkrantz. I am the founder and chairman of The Swedish Drug Users Association. I will firstly thank you for the opportunity to express our concerns regarding the issue of health relating to drug use in Sweden.

We (SDUU) are currently the only organisation in Sweden that work with issues of drug use, and primarily opiate users, from a client perspective. We have been working since 2002 with issues of health, treatment and human rights for drug users in Sweden. We founded the organisation as a reaction to a lack of understanding and knowledge within the prior existing organisations that talked on clients behalf without experience, and authorities that failed to understand the complex problems related to drug use.

We work with individuals who need help and support in their contacts with authorities, care givers, and social services on a variety of issues regarding health, social problems, and sometimes legal issues. Our main ambition is focused on a client-caregiver model. This in order to create a working model for effective methods of work, and best attained by a dialogue between drug users and care givers. That means that we also work with authorities and care givers. We provide experienced insights, information and function as an instance for developing good practicies regarding health and treatment. One important work we do is to recognise failures of treatment, and case profile these failures. The main goal is to eradicate the harmful zero-tolerance policy on narcotics in Sweden and replace it with realistic, humanistic and scientifically based methods, and also a client perspective as a fundamental way of obtaining good practicies. All drug users that are in need of Methadone treatment—or clean needles—should have the opportunity to get access and also have the freedom of choice between care givers.

The policy on narcotics in Sweden is in our perspective highly problematic as it stands in opposition for the possibilites to work with methods of harm reduction. Treatment of drug users show substantial failures due to to the formulation of laws that are based on a zero-tolerance approach. This has been the case for many years. FÖR HELA TALET – KLICKA HÄR 

Ge narkomaner sjuk vård och smittskydd! – KLICKA HÄR