Fallbeskrivning – Case stories

Case stories – Fallbeskrivning

Anna, 24 yrs of age, is a heroin user. The use of heroin has here been transmitted trough generations in her family. Her grandfather was a heroin user (he passed away 15 years ago). Her mother and father, also heroin users. Her sister 27 years, also a heroin user, died of an overdose 4 years ago. Anna lives in the south of Sweden. She applied for treatment with Subutex. The doctor in charge of the substitution treatment and her social worker refuse to help her because she has already have had Subutex treatment twice and failed to obey the rules for treatment! To fail is to relapse, and that is concidered a breach of the rules for conduct, and accordingly she gets thrown out. She gets back to a daily heroin use. Society puts her in danger of her life. SDUU files a complaint to the ”Swedish board of welfare and social affairs” which is the body that inspect the health care, the answer: nothing!

Max, is 26 yrs of age. He started to smoke heroin in October 2006. At the beginning of December 2006 he starts to inject heroin. Johan Stenbäck, the chairman of the Stockholm user group takes a private initiative to a small syringe programme some time in November 2006. Max meets Johan at the same time and he is not infected by either HIV or Hepatit-C. Max comes to the union every day, 7 days a week. The city of Stockholm finds out that Stockholm drug user group hands out clean needles, clean syringes, and alco a swab, filter and a cup. The union then receives a signed letter stating that Johan must stop handing out the equipment that are used as tools to commit a drug offence! If the city didn’t receive a counter signed letter from the unions board within 3 days, the funding then would be stopped immediately! The letter was signed by an executive civil servant who also is in charge of the funding! In July Max again comes to see Johan with the bad news: he now was infected by HIV and Hepatit-C!

These Case stories was presented in Geneva to the Committe of Human Rights